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Review: The Blue Castle, by L.M. Montgomery

Valancy Sterling, a spinster who’s been quietly oppressed by her large family her entire life gets a second chance at life when she’s diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. With no more fears about her future or worries about responsibility Valancy rebels, and for the first time, says and does exactly what she wants. A […]

Review: Newt’s Emerald, by Garth Nix

Plot Description After the Newington Emerald is stolen at the height of a conjured storm, eighteen year-old Lady Truthful Newington goes to London to search for the magical heirloom of her house. But as no well-bred young lady can hunt the metropolis for a stolen jewel, she has to disguise herself as a man, and […]

Review: North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell

Plot Description When her father leaves the Church in a crisis of conscience, Margaret Hale is uprooted from her comfortable home in Hampshire to move with her family to the north of England. Initially repulsed by the ugliness of her new surroundings in the industrial town of Milton, Margaret becomes aware of the poverty and […]